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NAGRA DVnor Organizer Version 2.0 allows you to quickly and securely upload your large-size video files, assets, subtitles, dubs, trailers, EPKs (Electronic Press Kits), posters, and stills, without complexity.

Our solution is the result of decades of experience in the Content Management space, and provides secure, cloud-based storage and delivery, with complete self-service and 24/7 capabilities. Find out how DVnor Organizer can help you simplify your content distribution.

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Bought your rights, but still need to finalize the downstream distribution deals?

Choose the Ingest-now Deliver-later offer, to safeguard your titles and distribute when you are ready!

    • Ingest up to 5 titles for free
    • Get an automated quality check
    • Get a one-year secure storage of uploaded titles

Already distributing to iTunes, but unhappy with your current technical provider? 

Choose the iTunes Delivery offer, to ingest and deliver one of your titles to iTunes now!

    • Ingest one title to iTunes
    • Get a golden eye quality check and report
    • Get transcoding, packaging and delivery of your title for free


Terms & Conditions:

We really want you to be happy with your trial of DVnor Organizer and so there’s no need for a credit card to start the trial or during your three month period.  At the end of your three month trial, we’ll contact you to discuss how you’d like to proceed.  If we don’t hear from you, unfortunately your trial will end and we’ll remove any content you’ve uploaded as part of the trial.

Offer good through August 2021.


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